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25 Apr, 2012 13:56

Russia admits nuke threat - Gen-Staff chief on N. Korea and Iran

Russia's military considers any nuclear threat possible, the country’s Chief of General Staff Nikolay Makarov revealed to RT’s Spotlight program.

Asked whether Moscow admits there is a growing atomic threat from Iran and North Korea, the General said that "The threat is always there.” According to Makarov, the real danger could come from states which illegally possess nuclear arms."We are aware that many countries that have never admitted having a nuclear arsenal, actually have one," the Chief of General Staff said, without specifying exactly which countries he has in mind."No doubt if nuclear weapons fall into the hands of extremists, it will seriously compromise international security, so any scenario is possible if certain countries do acquire nuclear capability,” Makarov admitted."We conducted a joint assessment with our US counterparts, which proved that this threat is a realistic one,” the General acknowledged. “The very fact that we agreed to produce a joint anti-missile system implies that we recognize that the threat is there.”“What we say is, that we should work together to counter these threats,” Makarov concluded.Moscow has always advocated countries’ right to develop a peaceful nuclear program under strict international control. But the US insists that in the case of Iran, the country’s nuclear ambitions are a threat to neighbors and the world.Washington uses Iran’s atomic program as the main basis behind its missile defense plans in Eastern Europe. General Makarov stressed that such plans should be pursued together with Russia.Deploying the missile shield in Eastern Europe without Russian involvement would result in responses both diplomatic and military as nuclear capability would be undermined, Makarov warned.“Let's deal with this problem together, let's take joint action to get rid of potential threats not only to European countries but also to Russia, because Russia is part of Europe," Makarov stressed. Viewers will be able to watch the Spotlight program with Russia's Chief of General Staff, General Nikolay Makarov on RT on Thursday, April 26.