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25 Jul, 2008 20:56

Interview with Luka Karadzic

Radovan Karadzic’s brother Luka, in an exclusive interview to RT, has said the only reason he can see why the leadership of Serbia “betrayed” his brother is “a pitiful $US 5 million”.

RT: Are you looking to the Russian media and public for any kind of help or assistance?

Luka Karadzic: I believe that Russia is the only country that we can rely on and pin our hopes on. It has always given a real picture of what is going on here, from the 90s until now. When, during the 90s Russia was weaker than it is now, we were also weak. But now Russia is not weak.

RT: How do you feel about Serbia today and in the future?

LK: This is a great defeat for both the Republic of Serbia and Republika Srpska. I deeply regret that the leadership of Serbia doesn’t have as much wisdom and courage to know that this is not a good move for the country.

But they will understand because all the West's promises were never kept. We witnessed it a couple of times, so why should we believe them now. The only reason I can see why they betrayed my brother was for a pitiful $US 5 million.

RT: Is the family alone or receiving some kind of support?

L.K.: I don’t think anybody will help the family because I haven’t heard any promises. Mr Lajcak, the High Representative of the international community in Bosnia-Herzegovina, said on TV that he had made the decision that the family not be allowed to come to Belgrade. He said: “I hold the documents and I am not going to let them leave Bosnia-Herzegovina.” That’s a demonstration of force, that’s the democracy that the West is trying to implement here in this region. I’m very sad because of that. I don’t know what to say because of that, we can’t change anything because of that. We are helpless.

RT: Are you expecting any kind of assistance or involvement from the government of Republika Srpska?

L.K.: I do not doubt the intention of Dodik (the Prime Minister of Republika Srpska) to help the family. He said they should be allowed to get the documents back from the UN to come to Belgrade. I don’t doubt Dodik’s intentions and goodwill. But I doubt his power to help us. Mr Lajcak is judge and jury, meaning he says you’re guilty and why.