Interview with Aleksandr Dvorkin

Around 30 believers have locked themselves in a bunker awaiting the end of the world. While there's no sign of them budging, Aleksandr Dvorkin, Professor at Religious and Cultic Studies Centre in Moscow, gave RT an insight into totalitarian sects.

“Well, this cult is a part of a pseudo-Orthodox movement. An apocalyptic movement, that has escapist features, which awaits the end of the world. They refuse to take their passports. Some of them demand the canonisation of Ivan The Terrible, Rasputin or Joseph Stalin. And because they had been refused, they have broke up with the Orthodox church and formed their own cults. The law, unfortunately, doesn't yet have the provisions, regarding this new type of cults, known as totalitarian. It is something yet to be done, because people are unprotected. They fall an easy prey to those mighty manipulators, who entice them into those cults and then simply exploit them,” clarified Dvorkin.