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US wants more influence in Europe: NATO courts Sweden

NATO is keen to get on board the few Western European countries that remain outside of the alliance. Sweden is one of those being enticed.
­But as Swedish anti-NATO peace activist Agneta Norberg told RT, the expansion is simply a part of the US' attempts to strengthen its influence in Europe and beyond.“What are they [NATO] doing to get them [Swedish political elite] on the hook? What are they promising them? I don’t have the answer because for me it’s insane, it’s pure insanity,” she said.“How many things can the United States government show that they don’t care a s**t about? For instance, all these terrible torture places in Abu Ghraib, in Guantanamo – in every place they are violating international law, they are violating all treaties, all treaties. And they get away with it,” Agneta Norberg concluded.