IAEA head warns against military attack on Iran

Iran military forces
Iran says it's ready to respond to any attack on its nuclear ambitions. Meanwhile, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohammed ElBaradei warned a military attack on Iran would lead to unpredictable consequences and turn the region into a &

It follows reports that Israel held massive war games at the beginning of June, which some witnesses say, looked like a rehearsal of an attack on Iran's nuclear infrastructure.

Radzhab Safarov from the centre for modern Iran studies told RT such a move is quite probable.

“I think at the moment the real threat for Iran comes from the U.S. and Israel. The UK could join them but it will not initiate the first steps. Most likely Americans will push Israelis to start an attack providing them with sufficient help. I think the recent Israeli war games indicate they are quite ready to make a bombing-missile attack on Iran's nuclear sites. The results of such an attack would be deplorable. On the other hand, it could just be a demonstration of power that's aimed at deterring Iran and putting psychological pressure on the country,” Radzhab Safarov said.