Hunger strikers demand Georgian election review

Up to 42 people, including five opposition leaders, are on hunger strike in Georgia against what they claim was a rigged election result. The protesters are demanding electoral reform and a re-count of January's presidential election, which saw Mikhail Sa

They say they will not move or eat until their demands are met.

The opposition has called on all their supporters to come out for a third day of protest rallies and is looking for further volunteers to join the hunger strike.

Tents and twenty-four hour medical care have been provided.

Meanwhile, around a thousand opposition supporters are rallying on the streets for a third day in a row, echoing the demands of the hunger-strikers.

Some protesters also demand the president's resignation.

The speaker of the parliament Nino Burdzhanadze has said authorities are ready for dialogue, but calls the opposition demands for a new presidential election absurd.