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23 Mar, 2007 02:21

Hungarian PM is in Russia to discuss energy, trade and investment

Hungarian PM is in Russia to discuss energy, trade and investment

Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany is in Russia to discuss energy, trade and investment with senior Russian officials. Mr Gyurcsany praised the level of trade between the countries.

Furthermore, the Hungarian Prime Minister said his regular meetings with Russia's President should serve as a good sign.

Mr Gyurcsany added that during his meetings with Russia’s President, their discussions normally concentrate more on the economy than politics.

In this respect, Vladimir Putin said over the last five years Hungarian exports to Russia have risen by 400%, and co-operation in the gas sector is a priority.

“Hungarian exports to Russia have reached $US 2 BLN already. Hungarian telecommunication exports have risen by a stunning 23 times. I rate our relations in the energy sphere as good. There have been questions about oil deliveries from Russia, but those concerns have been resolved. In gas deliveries, there are no and have not been any questions and we have big plans for further developments in gas and transport,” stressed the Russian President.

Speaking on Russia Today, Ferenc Gyurcsany commented, the issue of deployment of U.S. anti-missile defence system on the territories of the Czech Republic and Poland.

“We first need to see the situation as Russia sees it. Russia sees the system as a risk to its own security. I suggest we take the matter into the framework of NATO and discuss it if we need it at all – so that we could involve Russia in the discussions in the framework of the NATO-Russia Forum. By the way, the United States has not addressed Hungary with the same offer,” said Mr Gyurcsany.

To read the integral interview of Ferenc Gyurcsany to Russia Today please follow the link: