“I am concerned with violence in North Caucasus” – human rights commissioner

Despite Russia recognizing the European Court of Human Rights, the human rights situation in the Caucasus remains serious, European Council Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg told RT.

“I am concerned about the situation in North Caucasus, the violence that takes place there, still disappearances, still killings. I do realize, of course, that there is an Islamist threat there, terrorism is going on there, but it is important that terrorism is combated with methods within the law and with respect for human rights,” he said.

“It also turns out that this is much more effective than causing a lot of trouble for the civilian population which then may even turn against the government and side with terrorists. And that is a disaster,” he added.

Thomas Hammarberg discussed with RT Europe’s stance on the Great Famine in Ukraine, the rise of extreme rightwing movements in Europe and the Baltic States, and many other issues.