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Embrace capitalism! Chinese kindergarten charges parents 'hug fee'

Embrace capitalism! Chinese kindergarten charges parents 'hug fee'
What would you say if a teacher asked you for money after hugging your kid goodbye? One Chinese kindergarten has decided to cash in on the universal gesture of affection, with teachers serving up daily hugs to children for just under $13 a month.

Parents of tykes attending a kindergarten in east China's Yangzhou City were charged a so-called “hug fee” of 80 Yuan, some $12.80, local media report, citing a Chinese blogger.

According to the report the monthly fee covered one morning hug and one hug goodbye per day.

After the information surfaced online, some parents confirmed that they knew their children were hugged by the teachers but had no idea this was a prepaid option, as the charge was officially called a "quality education fee."

The school explained that hugs were one component of a quality education aimed at making children feel loved, secure and more confident.

However, the local school board found that such a practice violates educational rules, saying that if the information about the fee is confirmed by investigators, the school will have to return parents their money. The investigation into the not so touching matter is still ongoing.