Horror trophy: man brags with severed head

A fight, which ended with a killing, ended up grotesque after the drunken murderer decided to collect his victim’s head as a trophy.

A drinking session in a village in Udmurtia, Central Russia, turned really ugly when two participants started a quarrel. The knife fight ended with one of them stabbing his partner to death, local media report.

It was then the story got even uglier. The 50-year-old told a friend about what he had just done, but the friend didn’t believe the murderer. The killer was offended and decided to obtain proof of his deed. He went back to the scene of the crime and cut off his victim’s head. He then showed the horrific trophy to the skeptical friend.

The killer then gathered his wits and thought about covering up the evidence. Police apprehended him as he was trying to burn the head in a furnace. He now faces up to 15 years behind bars.