Hi-tech medical gear gives prognosis for a healthy Chechnya

Russia's southern Republic of Chechnya is currently making a recoveryl after suffering two military conflicts. The country's infrastructure is being totally rebuilt and at the top of the list are medical treatment centres.

A longtime epicentre of anti-terrorism campaigns, Chechnya is still suffering the aftermath, although the fighting ended in 2004.

While it may take years for the population’s mental scars to heal, any physical problems they have will quickly be taken care of.

One hospital in the republic has been equipped with hi-tech gear already. Almost 9,000 beds have been provided, and almost 25,000 are ready to offer their help.

Rebuilding Chechnya’s hospitals was a priority and it had to be done from scratch, according to Rukman Bartiyev, Deputy Health Minister of the Chechen Republic.

“We should be grateful to the medical staff – doctors and nurses, who with some risk to their health kept working, cleaning hospitals and rebuilding them. That's how the reconstruction started,” Bartiyev recalls.

Healthcare in Chechnya is improving with every passing year. Both staff and patients feel the benrfit of the changes and welcome them.

Each hospital is now equipped with modern facilities and people can see the difference. So they don't need to go outside Chechnya anymore if they need qualified medical help.