Heavy storms thwart search for missing sailors in Azov Sea

A heavy storm is preventing rescuers from continuing a full-scale search operation for eight missing sailors from a Bulgarian cargo in the Azov Sea. Other ships have been warned to stay away from the area. The cargo ship sank in the Azov Sea on the Russia

The cargo ship Vanessa sank in the Azov Sea on the Russia – Ukraine border on Thursday. One sailor has been rescued and is now in hospital, while the bodies of two crew members have also been recovered.

The ship was flying a Bulgarian flag and was carrying scrap metal. There were ten Bulgarian crew members and one Ukrainian pilot onboard.

The area is notorious for its severe storms. Last November four cargo ships sank and nine more were damaged in the Kerch Strait. The accident caused serious water pollution with oil and sulphur spilling into the sea. Eight sailors perished.