Hazing at Plesetsk Cosmodrome investigated

Russia’s top military prosecutor has taken control of the investigation into another alleged hazing incident involving conscripts. It is alleged two recruits at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in the North of Russia were severely beaten by officers.

A delegation from Petrozavodsk, the home town of one of the recruits, has visited the base to ensure the investigation is carried out correctly.

One of the officers is currently undergoing a forensic examination, while the other has been taken into custody.

A spokesman for Russia's Space Forces, Aleksey Zolotukhin, says the investigation will be concluded as quickly as possible and those accused will face a public trial.

“The Commander of the Space Forces stated that they were planning to hold an open trial. He also stressed that all the officers were indignant about the outrageous incident. A delegation and cosmodrome representatives met with the mother of one of the victims who's in hospital in a serious condition. She’s kept regularly informed about the state of her son,” he said.