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11 May, 2010 04:43

“Greek bailout is mass robbery”

Greece has kick–started talks on implementing its new economic austerity measures despite warnings of new union rallies. The plans will see pensions slashed and the retirement age increased.

The measures were a prerequisite for an international loan to pluck the country from the brink of bankruptcy. Earlier the EU and the IMF agreed to a rescue package worth a whopping €750 billion.

It is hoped it will prevent the Greek crisis from having a knock-on effect on other European nations. Member states will be able to draw on the funds to defend their economies.

US radio host Alex Jones says the plan will merely hit tax payers even harder in the pocket, and has compared Greece to the situation in America two years ago.

“Just like we had the financial terrorism of 2008, where Henry Paulson and other people from Goldman Sachs who were controlling the federal government went in and threatened Congress with total financial collapse and ‘martial law’. The same thing has now been done in Europe and they are not really sure where this money is going to,” Jones said.

“These nations are going to have to pay off the private banks – banks with derivatives made up of tens of trillions of toxic assets that weren’t real. They sold them at full price. Now the governments own these and are in big financial trouble, so they are telling people: ‘We are going to have to take all or part of your pension funds to pay for this bailout.’ But it is not really a bailout; it is a mass robbery. This is just the greatest crime of history. The whole world is held hostage by these private central banks – they are just financially conquering nation after nation,” he added.