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26 Nov, 2009 17:56

Global Tricks: Climate change we can't believe in?

Copenhagen will host experts and world leaders in December to discuss what to do with climate change. And while they'll seek ways to battle greenhouse emissions, the scientific community is split over global warming.

After hackers allegedly exposed one of the most respected climate research institutes as having defrauded the world in regards to global warming, the shock subsides and the experts start to weigh in.

“The data, real data over the last 1,000, 10,000 and 1,000,000 years shows there is no relation between carbon dioxide and world temperatures or climate extremes and now we can see that the people in charge of the data have been fiddling it,” said Piers Corbyn, independent meteorologist from the Weather Action organization.

The e-mails stolen from the University of East Anglia's servers reportedly show that scientists have been manipulating data to support the theory of global warming. What makes this recent development so scandalous is that entire governments have developed significant policy based on the idea that global warming is a fact. The investigation into the validity of the damming cyber-information is still ongoing, which has many in the green movement sticking to their guns.

“In the history of human society we have never had such CO2 concentration that we have now, and this is the main reason,” said Aleksey Kokorin, Climate Programme Co-Ordinator at WWF Russia. “And we have very clear studies of isotopic analysis and correlation analysis, that we have CO2 growth first and temperature later on.”

But now with confidence inspired by the infamous computer hackers, those against the idea of global warming have found a new forum, giving weight to the opposite view.

“The temperature is not in any way affected by the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” said Proffessor Oleg Sorokhtin from the Institute of Oceanology at the Russian Academy of Sciences. “The more carbon dioxide there is, the better it is for humanity, and I will explain why. Carbon dioxide is like bread for green plants, so agriculture gains significantly if there's more of it.”

Now publicly included in the debate is data that suggests the world's average temperature has even decreased over the past 7 years, calling into question the need for current carbon emission standards.

"The Kyoto Protocol is a bluff, because it connects carbon dioxide and consumption,” said Professor Andrey Kapitsa from the Geography Department at Moscow State University. “Every country has a limit of how many cars it can have and so on. That is total nonsense. Americans were right in petitioning everyone not to sign the protocol.”

And while opponents are declaring victory over what they are calling the global warming bandwagon, the scientists who believe in the Earth's rising temperature caution not to dismiss the idea too quickly.

"We take a special report prepared by the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian metrological services which has a special chapter comparing anthropogenic impact and solar impact and all other factors, clearly proving that the current climate change is unfortunately due to anthropological factors," said Kokorin.

So while the debate continues, it is safe to say the theory supporting global warming has taken a significant blow.

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