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TNT surprise for kindergarten pupils

A cynical and cold-minded terror attack has hit a children’s playground in Russia’s Far East, outraging local residents.

On a warm, sunny day, five-year-old Uliana was walking with her kindergarten tutor and group mates, when she saw a nice small gift box decorated with a ribbon. Curious as any typical child of her age, the girl hurried to open the beautiful blue box, hoping to find something exciting.

The “pleasant surprise” turned out to be a homemade bomb filled with nails and metal wire equivalent to seven grams of TNT.

The sudden blast set the girl’s shirt on fire, while the debris badly hurt her eyes and hands.

Fortunately, the mother of one of Uliana’s fellow pupils managed to push away the bomb just in time to save the girl’s life.

The victim is now in hospital. Doctors say Uliana suffered serious burns, but fortunately they are not life-threatening.

Police have already detained a 26-year-old man, who they believe to be behind the crime. He has confessed to committing it. The man was earlier of interest to law enforcers, a source close to the investigation said.

The crime is considered an act of terror and police are taking it very seriously.

“The motive of the people behind this loathsome act is beyond comprehension. Certainly, organizers and all accomplices to this crime will be identified and duly punished,” a police spokesman warned earlier during a media conference.

Russian children’s rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov said that it is the kindergarten’s administration to be blamed for the incident, as they are primarily responsible for children’s safety.

Local police say the kindergarten in question was ordered to install a number of CCTV cameras back in May, which the administration failed to do.

Law enforcement bodies have now taken schools and kindergartens in the region under additional protection.