Georgia’s own mini-gas war

Georgia’s own mini-gas war
Russia and Ukraine aren’t the only sides currently at loggerheads over gas supplies.South Ossetia is also without gas as Georgia doesn’t seem too eager to resume supplies cut off before the August invasion.

Georgia’s energy minister, Aleksandr Khetaguri, says his country is unable to deliver gas to South Ossetia because the pipeline was damaged during the war.

However, South Ossetia denies those claims. According to South Ossetia’s deputy prime minister, Boris Chochiev, the pipeline has been fully repaired:

“Political games – this is what the Georgian government is playing.”

Chochiev said that South Ossetia will raise the question of gas supplies during the upcoming international discussions in Geneva.

He compared the situation in South Ossetia with the unfolding Russia-Ukraine gas crisis, which has left Europe without gas.

“I can understand the motives behind Georgia’s actions. They are doing the same thing as Ukraine. And it’s because both gas disputes have the same director, which is the US,” Chochiev claimed.

Meanwhile, South Ossetia is suffering from low temperatures and heavy snow falls.