Georgia opens fire on Abkhazian checkpoint

Georgia has opened fire on a Russian checkpoint on the Georgian-Abkhazian border. There are no reports of any injuries. The President of Abkhazia, Sergey Bagapsh, has called the attack provocative.

Speaking to RT, Bagapsh said:

“There's a large-scale provocation going on along the border in the Gali region. It's what we have expected. I fail to see any actions on the part of EU representatives. We always respond to such attacks. At 19:20, a Russian post on the Inguri bridge was fired at from the Georgian side. There was a five-minute exchange of fire. It happens almost every day”.

Earlier this week, Russia's Foreign Minister criticised EU monitors for turning a blind eye to the movement of Georgian troops around South Ossetia. Sergey Lavrov told reporters on Thursday that Georgia is regularly sending special forces and other armed units to the area.

The Medvedev-Sarkozy peace plan says that all troops should be returned to their positions held before the conflict.

The head of the EU observers says they need time and detail to verify information saying claims of Georgian troop movements are being exaggerated.