Gabala radar talks may start in July

According to the Chief of Russia's Armed Forces, consultations between Russian and U.S. military officials over proposals for an anti-ballistic missile shield in Azerbaijan will start in July.

General Yury Baluevsky says the two sides will discuss the plans after President Putin's visit to the U.S.

“I think President Vladimir Putin will visit the U.S. in early July and the American side will officially announce its opinion on the possibility of using the radar in Gabala. President Putin's proposal implies annulling all the U.S. plans in regards to the deployment of anti-ballistic missile bases in the Czech Republic and Poland. As a military man, I have no illusions and I must calculate everything. The Defence Ministry took part in drafting the proposals that President Putin made. Russia's offer has caused 'shock and awe' among U.S. military officials. Now they'll get over the shock and we'll hear their official reaction,” the General stated.