This is how we roll: FSA shows off APC (VIDEO)

Syrian rebels are rolling out armored hardware in their battle against government forces, if this footage is an indicator of the situations in Homs.

­In the video, uploaded to YouTube by the Free Syrian Army, a group of fighters is attacking Bustan ad-Divan checkpoint in the city of Homs using a Soviet-made BMP, an infantry fighting vehicle that is equipped with a cannon.

The vehicle presumably was captured from the government forces or acquired from army defectors.

The Free Syrian Army is the main opposition army group in Syria. The body claims it almost exclusively consists of those who defected from government forces.

The regime of Syria’s President Bashar Assad has been under harsh criticism for using military forces in crackdown on protesters. But Assad says it is “terrorist gangs” his military are fighting with.

Last week Russia vetoed a UN Security Council resolution on Syria citing an unbalanced approach. Moscow explained that the resolution draft imposed sanctions on the Assad’s forces, but did not deal with violence on the opposition's part.