Four prisoners killed in jail riot in the Urals

An investigation has been launched into the deaths of four prisoners in Russia’s Chelyanbinsk Region in the Urals. The four inmates were allegedly beaten to death with rubber truncheons in a scuffle with guards.

The incident is believed to have taken place on Saturday, when the prisoners were taking their morning walk. It’s alleged they attacked their guards with blades and sharpened metal objects injuring five warders.

After the fight the prisoners were put in separate cells and examined by a doctor. Later in the day the four men were found dead.

Forensic experts found numerous bruises and blood stains on their bodies.

The Director of the Federal Service for Execution of Sentences has gone to the region to clarify the circumstances of the incident.

The victims have been named as Sergey Polyayev, 24, Anatoly Aivased, 37, Vyachaslav Sakhabayev, 20, and Yevgeny Mamukov, 26.