Foreign policy will change if I win: Serbia's Nikolic

With the second round of the Presidential election looming in Serbia, one of the candidates is in Moscow to meet Russia's political elite. Nationalist Tomislav Nikolic secured a win in the first round and he says he can repeat the success.

Speaking to RT, Nikolic said if he is victorious, Serbia's foreign policy will be changed.
“I have come to Moscow to thank Russia for its principled position on keeping Kosovo within Serbia and for the gas deal signed last week which will help Russian-Serbian friendship,” he said.

“In Serbia some think that this deal is proof of Russia's support of one candidate – the president. My visit is to refute this,” Nikolic noted.

“I think the results of the first round of the Presidential election will be repeated and I will win. In this case, we will change our foreign policy towards the European Union. There will be no more humiliation. We will demand Serbia be respected like any other country,” he stressed.

“As for Russia, Serbia has become its important strategic partner. We will expand and strengthen ties with Russia,” Tomislav Nikolic said.