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10 Jul, 2010 02:55

Indian prophets attempt to foretell the World Cup final

In India, football lovers are using unconventional means to help them answer the most exciting question of the next few days: Who will win the World Cup?

That is the question the football fans pose to soothsayers of all kinds attempting predict the future.

Football fan Sahir Seth is eager to get ahead of the game. He has enlisted tarot card reader Gini Arora to help him achieve his goal of answering a very specific question that's on the mind of much of the world's population.

Arora is not surprised. She has seen an increased interest in football queries since the World Cup kicked off. She believes tarot cards can help her to see into the future. After an agonizing wait for Sahir while she is reading the cards, the answer becomes clear:

“It's The Netherlands,” the tarot card reader says. All cards seem to point in one direction.

“In astrology when we look at horoscopes, we find out answers for the long term,” Arora shared. “Through tarot cards, magic cards, we discover specific answers to specific questions. Although they are momentary, they give you the perfect answer.”

For Sahir, watching the World Cup has been nerve wracking. Every knock-out game has been unpredictable. But now he feels secure, believing he knows who will win Sunday's final.

“It's a quick way to know who's going to win. You can impress your friends, saying, ‘No, this country will win, or this other country will definitely win.’ It's basically a faster way,” Seth truly believes.

From palm-reading to tea-leaf reading, there are many options in India for people wanting to discover the future. But if you think you know what's coming, it might take all the surprise out of life and the fun out of watching football.