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30 Jan, 2008 21:59

Floridians outraged by un-Democratic primary

Hillary Clinton has gone into bat for millions of Democrat voters in Florida who’ve been denied a chance to pick a nominee for President. Clinton’s strong win in Florida won’t be recognised by the party and 210 delegates will be refused entry to the party

“I promise you I will do everything I can to make sure not only are Florida's delegates seated, but Florida is in the winning column for the Democrats in 2008,” Clinton said.

The Democratic party denied Florida, the country’s fourth most populous state, its voting clout after it moved forward its primary date.

One of Clinton’s supporters, Florida Senator Bill Nelson, took the party to court over the decision. Despite the unfavourable ruling, Nelson told Russia Today that the Florida vote will still count for something.

“What really matters is who wins here…[it] will influence what's going to happen on ‘Super Tuesday’ a week from now,” Nelson said.

In a phone interview with Russia Today, Kirk Wagar – the chairman of Obama's Florida campaign said despite her objections, Hillary has no power to reverse the party’s decision.

He added that her visit in Florida was a public relations move and that she is ‘dying to give another victory speech’, after Obama defeated her in South Carolina last week.

But Florida matters even more. As the fourth most-populous state, it is famous for its impact on the Presidential Race.

Meanwhile, Democrat John Edwards and former New York Mayor, Republican Rudy Giuliani have pulled-out of the presidential race, following poor performances in many states.

Rudy Giuliani has urged his supporters to vote for John McCain, whose narrow victory in Florida makes him the favourite to take victory in next week's “super Tuesday” vote.

Florida’s Russians to vote twice?

What Florida is infamous for are suspicions of voter fraud.

The paper-punch ballots – which created problems in the 2000 election – have been replaced by an electronic voting system, but many say the machines are not any better.

And that's not the only voter fraud trick that's been used.

People with homes in two states can vote twice. Such cases are currently under investigation.

But when asked about it, the chair of the Miami Democratic Party Joe Garcia had this to say.

“I always thought Russians who have homes in Florida should be allowed to vote twice. It is illegal, but the numbers are not big enough,” Garcia said.