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18 Jun, 2007 21:49

Five-day international navy training underway

A five-day international navy exercise has kicked off at the Norfolk Naval base in Virginia. The multilateral training is dubbed FRUKUS after the four participating countries, France, Russia, the UK and the U.S.

The training was created in 2003 to improve each navy's ability to work with one another.

Marking the beginning of the five-day long joint naval exercises, officers from four navies gathered for formal introductions. And while the commanders discussed maritime security and safety concerns, the sailors traded in their uniforms for more appropriate athletic apparel as they participated in goodwill games of soccer, softball, and volleyball with their counterparts.

For the sailors of the world's four most capable navies, the sports competition gave them a chance to hone their athletic abilities, but others preferred to relax in the sun and enjoy a cold brew.
The aim of these off shore sports drills is to build comradely and team building skills between the four navies. All of the sailors are enjoying their short time on land before setting off to the Atlantic Ocean for maritime scenarios.

The Russian navy, represented by the ship Admiral Chabanenko, Russia's only multipurpose destroyer took two-and-a-half weeks to arrive from its home port in Severomorsk, the headquarters of the Russian Northern Fleet.
During their journey they met up with some old friends aboard the British ship HMS Portland of the Royal Navy.

The squadron of ships will participate in a number of training events focusing on peace support operations within the UN context.
Next year, Russia will host the international exercise focusing on furthering cooperation and information exchange between the four navies.