First commercial Tbilisi-Moscow flight since South Ossetia conflict

The first passenger flight between Russia and Georgia in a year-and-a-half has landed in the Russian capital.

Direct flights between the two capitals were cancelled in 2006, but then renewed for a brief period in 2008. Following the outbreak of the Georgian–South Ossetian war they were cancelled.

Georgian Airways received permission from Russia’s Ministry of Transport to carry out the direct flights at the end of 2009– and had even started selling tickets. The airline was hoping to start charter flights earlier, but was not given permission and at that point had to cancel flights and to refund passengers.

Georgian Airways hopes that they will get permission from the Russian Ministry of Transport to fly on three other dates – January 16, 20 and 24.

Tbilisi is a very popular destination as many Georgians have relatives in Moscow who have had difficulty in traveling there, especially during the holiday season.