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6 Apr, 2007 12:01

First computer bug designed for iPod discovered

First computer bug designed for iPod discovered

Russian anti-virus software producer Kaspersky lab has discovered the first ever virus designed to attack iPods. The company doubts it will start an epidemic, but it proves that even technology's modern devices aren't immune. 

The virus designed to attack iPods was detected by Kaspersky lab's agents via the Internet. Programmers started working on a remedy as soon as they managed to receive a sample of the virus. The malware made only to target iPods with Linux operating system proved to be rather tricky. The virus was named Podloso – a combination of the name iPod and Oslo.

Although it is the first virus of its kind, Evgeny Kaspersky, head of Kaspersky lab, believes it will not start an epidemic that will endanger the millions of iPod users across the world.

“There is no danger for iPod users. I hardly believe that iPod viruses will cause an epidemic in the future because of two reasons. Firstly, iPod users don’t need to update software, they don’t install new applications.  So it is difficult for the iPod viruses to get into the machine. The second reason is that most of computer viruses and smartphone viruses are written for commercial needs, by criminals to get money out of it. But I have no idea how to get money by infecting iPods.” says Evgeny Kaspersky.

In 2004 Kaspersky lab has developed an anti-virus programme for smartphones after discovering the first ever virus for mobiles. So far, Mr Kaspersky doesn't plan to start producing an anti-virus remedy for iPods.