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20 Sep, 2010 22:47

FDA weighs approval of first genetically engineered fish

A debate on whether the US Food and Drug Administration should approve the first genetically engineered animal for human consumption, a fast-growing salmon, in under way.

The Atlantic salmon is being developed by AquaBounty Technologies and has an extra gene that makes it grow twice as fast as normal farm-raised salmon.

George Hemminger, the founder of Survive and Thrive TV, said this is a bad development for those who favor organic and raw foods. He also said he expected the FDA to approve the fish.

I think there are many millions of Americans who don’t believe in genetically mutating salmon, it’s just unheard of,” he said.

Hemminger explained that genetic modification of foods began with crops agriculture and is now taking the dangerous shift towards genetically altering animals.

He said that there is a large movement in the United States against modified produce, which is clear evidence that the further development of modified food sources should not happen, citing the unknown long-term effects on the human body.

Critics and a number of scientists say the FDA is rushing to fast and say they should slow down.

What’s the rush?” asked Hemminger.

He argued that the FDA works to support large corporations and is not interested in personal and environmental health.

There is no studies for the long term affects on human beings. Why have we seen a skyrocketing increase in allergies, autoimmune disorders, cancers of all kind in this country and worldwide with the introduction of genetically modified foods?” asks Hemminger