FBI investigated Gitmo prison abuses

FBI investigated Gitmo prison abuses
In 2002, the FBI started collecting records of the abusive treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay by U.S. military personnel, a Justice Department report revealed on Tuesday. The file was closed a year later because “investigating detainee allegat

The report was compiled by the department’s inspector general Glenn Fine, who investigated more than 230 witnesses and surveyed 1,000 FBI agents over four years.

The report provides the fullest account of dissent over techniques used by the military and the CIA to interrogate terror suspects. It quotes numerous complaints from FBI agents over the intimidation of prisoners with snarling dogs or parading them nude in front of female soldiers.

In a previously undisclosed episode the report said U.S. interrogators at Guantanamo Bay were disrupting the sleep of Chinese Muslim inmates the night before the prison was visited by officials from China.

Senior officials in the FBI, the Justice Department, the Defense Department and the National Security Council were informed about the concerns, but, the report says, with no apparent results.