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World’s most expensive yacht sets sail for Roman Abramovich

When you are one of the richest men in the world, only the best will do, it seems – but sometimes even the wealthy have to wait.
­German shipbuilders were a year late in delivering “Eclipse,” a 400-million-euro luxury yacht for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, which finally set sail from Hamburg on Thursday. A dispute over the final cost and specifications led to the delay. The largest and most expensive private boat of its kind ever built has two helicopter pads, 20 jet skis, two swimming pools, hot tubs, a dance floor and a cinema. The interior décor, which was specially designed on all five decks, is made of reptile skins and real furs. Reports say the sixth addition to the Chelsea owner's flotilla has even been fitted with its own missile defense system.Marcus Krall, editor in chief of Boat Exclusive magazine, says there is nothing strange about the yacht being so expensive.“First of all, it is the biggest yacht in the world. And if you have a custom project like this, you have 2 million euro per meter, then you have very expensive materials on the boat, an indoor pool, two helipads, 80 crew members,” Krall said.Krall suggested it would take around $40 million per year to maintain the yacht.“If the yacht is about 400 million euro, let’s take 10 percent per year to maintain the yacht,” he noted. “You have crew onboard, you need fuel. Then you have to dock your yacht somewhere, you have to clean it, maintain it.”
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