Exiled tycoon linked to Politkovskaya murder: investigator

The suspended head of Russia’s Investigation Committee, Dmitry Dovgy, claims Boris Berezovsky was behind the murder of prominent journalist Anna Politkovskaya. Dovgy, who has supervised many high-profile cases, made the statement in an interview with the

Meanwhile, Berezovsky has rejected claims he was behind the murder.

Anna Politkovskaya was shot dead in her apartment building in October 2006. She was highly critical of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

Wealthy businessman Boris Berezovsky is wanted in Russia to stand trial on corruption charges. He lives in Britain in self-imposed exile. London has consistently refused to extradite him.

Dmitry Dovgy says Politkovskaya was murdered after meeting Berezovsky.

“Our deepest conviction is that Boris Berezovsky is behind the murder – through Khoz-Akhmet Noukhaev. The murder was not linked to her articles, but to her personality. She was so bright and in opposition to the ruling government, that she met Berezovsky and got killed,” he said.

Dmitry Dovgy has been suspended from his professional duties on suspicion of corruption.