European mediators’ head visits refugee camp

The French Foreign Minister and head of the European mediation mission, Bernard Kouchner, has visited one of the biggest refugee camps in North Ossetia-Alania – a region that's part of Russia and borders South Ossetia.

People have been telling the French Minister of the horrors of war and their suffering, and pleaded for help.

Kouchner said the main goal of his visit is to push for a ceasefire agreement as soon as possible.

Refugees shared with him their feelings:

«…We were massacred! Killed like flies. They are Nazis!»

«…There is a fascist in Georgia! In the evening Saakashvili made a TV address saying Ossetians, I love you! Sleep well! We thought he had come to his senses finally but then when we felt asleep, the firing started! We rushed to the basement and our house was on fire. The Georgians were using banned weapons. Our house was hit by ‘GRAD’.»

«…I saw with my own eyes an old woman going along with her two grandchildren, who was run over by a tank! Saakashvili is the second Saddam Hussein! He has to be shot down!»