”I like to compare EU with Soviet Union”- European Parliament member

The European Union should not be expected to last forever, believes British politician and member of the EU Parliament Roger Helmer.

”I do not think that the European Union can last forever,” Helmer told RT. “I like to compare it to the USSR, we should not do the comparison too far, but I think there are a lot of factors.”

“Essentially, both the USSR and the European Union have decided to create structures that ignore the identity and aspiration of the people and eventually the aspiration and identity of the people reasserts itself,” he added.

“The Soviet Union lasted for about 70 years, the European Union has just lasted for about 50 years [meaning beginnings of the European Economic Community] and I would not be at all surprised to see the same pattern, I think, in 20 years time. There may be something that is called European Union but I think it will look very different and be much less influential than it is today.”