EU snubs Georgia for Ossetia crisis summit

EU snubs Georgia for Ossetia crisis summit
There will be no Georgian presence at an emergency session of the EU called to discuss the situation in South Ossetia. The September 1 meeting has seen France, which currently holds EU presidency, vote against inviting Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvi

Saakashvili has said he would not travel anyway because he feared Russia could prevent him from returning to Georgia.

The meeting was called by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the request of Poland and other East European countries.

The one-day summit will only last three hours, but will feature addresses from 27 leaders.

Meanwhile, Russia's president has spoken by telephone with Sarkozy. Dmitry Medvedev gave Moscow's views on the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, stressing that, in line with the six point plan, Georgian troops have to be moved back to their barracks.