Former head of Estonian parents’ union jailed for pedophilia

Former head of the Estonian Child Protection Committee, Kaur Hanson, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison over charges of pedophilia. Hanson pleaded guilty in court but did not comment on the sentence.

Russian and Estonian media report that Kaur Hanson was detained in March this year and was charged on several counts of raping minors after his wife reported to police that her husband had confessed to her that he was corrupting young boys.

The case was not reported in the media until the end of investigation and precise details have still not been disclosed, but Estonian newspapers write that Hanson abused children from all over the country. According to the press, one of the victims was a seven-year-old boy.

Forty-year-old Hanson held the post of secretary general in Estonia’s Parents’ Union and he also headed the Child Protection Committee. He worked in advertising and PR, and in late 1990s he organized the “Don’t hit a child” campaign. One of his colleagues from the advertising agency “Zoom” had earlier been sentenced to jail over pedophilia charges.