Estonian kids post kill-a-Russian prank on Internet

A group of underage Estonians have posted a homemade video on the YouTube channel in which they “killed” a Russian of their own age. Estonian law enforcers had to intervene, getting YouTube to remove the video.

The news was reported by the Delfi website, which specializes in news from Baltic nations. According to the website, the video featured several children aged ten to 12 who were killing another child, described as a Russian. Delfi journalists noted that the ratio of the characters reflected the ratio of the ethnic Russian and Estonian populations in the republic – three Estonians for every Russian.

The opening title of the video read that it all was a joke, but nevertheless the local police were alerted and pressed for the clip to be removed from the Internet. Police also found those who had made and posted the video. The authors were all underage and thus could not be held criminally responsible, but police lectured the kids on the unlawfulness of such actions. Their parents were also informed.