Enraged pensioner stabs driver at zebra crossing

Enraged pensioner stabs driver at zebra crossing
A pensioner has fatally stabbed a motorist after a dispute at a zebra crossing. It happened in the Russian city of Tver on Tuesday.

Police reported that the elderly man was crossing the city’s central Kaposhvara Square when a Ford Focus approached the crossing at high speed.

“The driver didn’t intend to let the pedestrian cross. That’s how the conflict started,” said a police spokesperson.

Eyewitnesses say the elderly gentleman began shouting at the motorist. The driver then got out of his car to speak to him, though he did not appear confrontational.

Suddenly the pensioner produced a knife and stabbed the man close to his heart. He managed to walk only a few steps before collapsing dead.

Police quickly arrived on the scene and apprehended the pensioner, who did not try to flee the scene.