Elite Russian club on verge of smash-up

Elite Russian club on verge of smash-up
Reports suggest that Russian football club Tom could see some of its employees on the move after the midseason break.

The dire financial situation is seemingly catching up with the Siberian outfit, where coaches and players haven't been paid since March.

The club owes a total of $5 million in wages to players alone, as it continues to court local oil company Tomskneft for potential sponsorship.

The 13th placed side, which recently lost to Amkar 1-2 at home, say convincing company shareholders Gazpromneft and Rosneft is the biggest obstacle so far. The side has received money from the Tomsk region since 2006, but the economic crisis has forced large budget deficits this year.

Despite the current difficulties within the club, players say they are committed to continue with their responsibilities and won’t boycott a midseason training camp.

The Tomsk side has been in the elite Russian football division since 2005 and is currently the easternmost in the Premier League.