Eight days on, Middle East violence unabated

At least 255 are dead as the Middle East is in turmoil, violence continuing into an eighth day. In the past 24 hours, Israel and militant group Hezbollah have continued attacking each other across the border with Lebanon.

In Beirut, warplanes targeted Hezbollah strongholds in southern suburbs and the international airport, keeping it closed.

In Jamhourand Kfar Chima,Lebanese soldiers are reported to have died in Israeli strikes hitting an army barracks. In the Lebanese town of Aitaroun, near the border with Israel, nine members of one family died in another missile strike. Hezbollah fighters have been firing missiles into Israel, hitting Safed, Acre, Kiryat Schmona and Gush Halav. On the other side of Israel, a rocket attack injured seven at Beit Hanoun in Gaza.