Egypt pays ex-navy captain $50,000 for arm eaten by shark

White shark
A St. Petersburg resident, who lost his left arm to a shark while diving at a resort in Egypt, has received compensation from the North African country’s tourism ministry.

Evgeny Trishkin, a retired naval captain, was attacked by the man-eating shark in December 2010. Several tourists visiting the popular resort Sharm el-Sheikh were injured and one killed in a hunting spree by the bloodthirsty predator.

The 54-year-old Russian lost his left arm, while his right hand was seriously damaged. Egypt’s tourism ministry decided to pay US$50,000 compensation on top of the insurance covering the treatment of the man, he told the media on Tuesday. The sum is enough to buy a prosthesis for his lost limb, he said.

Trishkin is yet to undergo the extensive rehabilitation process for his right arm. He is unlikely to ever regain full control of the limb.