Police whistle blower released, fraud charges remain

Former Russian police officer Major Aleksey Dymovsky, who sparked a national scandal with his online message about corruption in the police force, has been released from prison.

However, he was released on condition that he stay in his hometown of Novorossisk in the south of Russia.

Dymovsky accused his bosses of taking bribes and putting innocent people behind bars. Following his address, an inquiry into the officer's claims was ordered by the Russian Interior Minister. But during the investigation it was discovered that Dymovsky allegedly took bribes himself. He was arrested on January 22 on charges of fraud. Prosecutors claim he misappropriated 27,000 rubles (less than $1,000) that had been allocated to his police unit.

Investigators say there is no more need to hold Dymovsky behind bars, as the part of the investigation he could have potentially hindered is now over.

If found guilty, the ex-policeman faces up to 10 years in prison.