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9 Apr, 2008 08:34

2 Doomsday cultists die in bunker

It’s been revealed that two Doomsday cult members have died in their underground bunker in Russia's central Penza region – one woman died as a result of cancer, the other due to fasting. Cult member Vitaly Nedogon, who previously left the bunke

On 28 March, seven people left the bunker; eleven left on 1 April and a woman and two children came out on 2 April.

“Two people died, while in the bunker, they are buried there. One woman called Tamara died of cancer, the other woman from Belarus died while fasting,” Nedogon said.

Local authorities have decided to interrogate all members of the cult above ground to determine if Vitaly Nedogon's story is true.

“We believe though that the fact of that must be proved by legal procedures. This will only be possible when all the people leave the bunker and local authorities inspect it. Until then we’re treating Nedogon’s information as unproven,” said Anton Sharonov, local government press secretary.

Belarusian authorities have reportedly started inquires into the allegations that one of the country's citizens died in the cave.

Meanwhile, Nedogon described the walls of the bunker as completely saturated with spring flood water.

“The walls are completely saturated with water, so if anyone tries to force their way in, for instance if authorities try to fill the cave with foam to prevent the people inside from exploding gas canisters, the walls will probably collapse and kill everybody,” he said.

He also expressed concerns of how much fresh drinking water was still available to those underground.

The 35 people who holed up last November were led by a self-proclaimed prophet, Pyotr Kuznetsov.

After months of negotiations with rescue workers, most of the group emerged.

It had been thought that 11 people were still alive underground.