Doomsday cult members see light at end of tunnel

Emergency crews in Russia’s Penza region have repaired the entrance to the cave where members of a doomsday cult are hiding. Some of the walls had collapsed, but officials say the repairs mean the remaining nine people in the bunker are now able to leave

For now though, they remain underground. They are waiting for the end of the world, which they say will come at the end of May.

Officials say their lives are not at risk after walls at the entrance partially gave way during the spring thaw.

The nine people still holed up are the last of the 35 believers who barricaded themselves in a cave last autumn to wait for the Apocalypse.

They threatened to blow themselves up if force was used to get them out.

However, in March the spring waters started to wash away the cave, prompting some of them to come to the surface.

The remaining group are continuing to refuse assistance and intended to stay in their hideaway until the end of May.