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3 Apr, 2008 00:59

Doomsday cult leader attempts suicide with wooden club

The leader of the doomsday cult in Russia's Penza region, Pyotr Kuznetsov, has made a suicide attempt. According to an official, Kuznetsov tried to beat himself to death with a wooden club.

Earlier Kuznetsov had been diagnosed as clinically insane.

Meanwhile, yet more cult followers have left their underground hideaway in Russia's Penza region. A woman and two children emerged on Wednesday, leaving eleven people below ground. The group has been shut away since the end of October, awaiting the end of the world, which it believes will come in May.

Earlier this week 14 of the group decided to come out.

Spring flood waters caused a partial collapse in the cave's roof, prompting half of the cultists to give up their five-month sit-in on Tuesday.

With more sections of the bunker collapsing authorities believe the safety of those who is still in the bunker is in serious danger. Police have cordoned off the area, banning journalists and locals from disturbing them.

Psychologists, rescuers, Orthodox priests and other cult members, including the group’s leader, Pyotr Kuznetsov, are trying their best to persuade them to come out.