Don’t ‘destroy everything’ warns Russia’s NATO rep

Russia’s envoy to NATO has returned to Moscow for high-level talks on the country's future co-operation with the alliance. Dmitry Rogozin said decisions made under emotional pressure often have unforeseen consequences.

He's calling on his international colleagues to go the extra mile to keep relations between NATO and Russia on track.

“You can easily destroy everything, refuse any co-operation. But you have to understand that joint security is more reliable than individual security. Probably, we will have to strain our nerves, spend much time and effort to keep the possibility of Russia and NATO’s united positions on strategic issues. But, now it depends not only on us,” Rogozin said.

On Thursday, Russia's Defence Ministry temporarily suspended military co-operation with NATO. Carmen Romero, a spokeswoman for the alliance, confirmed an official notification from Moscow had been received.

Earlier, the western alliance accused Russia of ‘a disproportionate use of force' during the armed conflict in South Ossetia and said there could be no ‘business as usual’ with Moscow.

Government officials will discuss the country’s relationship with NATO in Moscow on August 24.