ParCool: Roofs and walls no obstacle for daredevil doggy

Parkour: an extreme sport defying gravity appeals to thousands of two-legged adrenalin junkies and now one four-legged as well. Staffordshire terrier Tret joins in the worldwide craze for cool, competing with people on walls and rooftops.

You might think that the skill of running and jumping from one surface to another can be quite hard to master. But not for Tret, one of the two parkour dogs known to the world.

After mastering some amazing tricks, both in urban and historic landmarks, the terrier has become a real celebrity on Internet. The dog’s owner Evgeny says that Tret’s talent showed when he was still a green puppy. Now grown-up Tret easily performs amazing stunts, improvises and obviously enjoys the process. 

RT’s Aleksey Yaroshevsky went to check out what makes Tret so parkour-cool.