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30 Oct, 2008 12:44

Did pilots of tragic flight know their job?

It's been revealed the crew of the Aeroflot Nord plane that crashed last month in the Russian city of Perm had falsified documents about undergoing training in the summer. The statement was released on Thursday by Gennady Kurzenkov, the head of the Federa

Kurzenkov said the pilots had only a vague idea about the plane’s technical features. According to him, poor interaction between the crew members and the faults of the pilot training system were the causes of the tragedy.

Commander Rodion Medvedev learned to fly Boeings in the U.S. back in 2006. After the catastrophe a relative of one of the victims started legal action in the U.S., blaming the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority that oversaw the training of the airline crews in U.S. for the crash.

However, Kurzenkov stressed that it was not the American instructors who were to blame, but the Aeroflot Nord company administration, as there were a lot of violations found of regarding the pilots’ work authorisation. He said the crew of the crashed Boeing had supplied falsified documents claiming they had undergone the necessary training. There is no official information about what those documents stated specifically.

The Aeroflot Nord company has yet to comment on these statements.

The Boeing 737 crashed on September 14, killing all 88 people onboard