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29 Oct, 2012 10:48

At least 6 dead, many injured in car bomb attack in Damascus suburb Jaramana (VIDEO)

At least six people were killed, including children, in a suspected car bombing in the Jaramana suburb of Damascus, reports the state news agency. Jaramana is mostly populated by Christian and Druze residents.

"A terrorist car bombing next to a bakery on Rawda Street killed at least 10 people, including women and children," the Syrian state TV reported. Earlier, Syrian state news agency SANA reported 10 people died in the blast. Up to 50 people were injured in the attack, according to local media. Around 15 buildings were severely damaged and some 20 cars were destroyed in the blast or crushed by falling debris. "The car bomb detonated on a main street in the mainly loyalist suburb of Jaramana, where there is a proliferation of armed pro-regime popular defense committees," AFP quoted the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as saying.Jaramana suffered similar attacks a few weeks ago. On August 28, at least 27 people were killed by a car bombing while attending a funeral for two supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. On September 3, another car bombing killed at least 5 people, and injured more than 30 others.The suburb’s mostly Druze and Christian residents are considered to be pro-Assad.The attack, along with the continued fighting, is taking place during the final day of the Eid al-Adha holiday. It was initially hoped that the festival would mark a temporary ceasefire between government troops and rebel fighters.