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12 Sep, 2008 01:17

Czechs ponder over US radar

A Czech court has dismissed a criminal complaint of treason against the country's foreign minister. It was lodged after Karel Schwarzenberg signed a treaty agreeing to a US radar base in the Czech republic, the deal that allows the Americans to use Czech

This unusual individual protest was made by a public administration student, Martin Kadrman, who accused the minister of abuse of power, treason and sabotage.

“I was desperate, I had signed the petition against the radar and I have been taking part in all the protests, but on the day the treaty was signed I knew I would sue him! Schwarzenberg knows two thirds of the population is against the radar. It is not in the interests of our country, it only serves the United States. So he committed treason!” insists Kadrman.

But the Prague State Attorney’s Office did not find any reason to deal with the complaint, which was later upheld by the High State Attorney’s Office.

“The state attorney has concluded no criminal act was committed and signing the treaty cannot be seen as a criminal offence,” said the spokesman for Prague’s state attorney’s office, Stepanka Zenklova.

Opponents of the US radar base still predominate in the Czech republic – even Parliamentarians do not see a rational reason behind the Government’s decision to sign up to the installation on Czech territory.

“I am against the project for many reasons. Firstly, I think it will not defend the Czech Republic against any dangers, secondly it won’t protect Europe either, and finally it endangers our relations with Russia as it’s obviously aimed against Russia. There is nothing for us to gain from it!” says the speaker of the chamber of deputies of the Czech Republic, Miloslav Vlsek.

But Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg is not too bothered about the public opinion.

“We are a parliamentary republic and important decisions are made in the parliament. Therefore members of parliament are elected and are paid that they make their decisions,” said Schwarzenberg.

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“Well, it was already dismissed!” waved away Schwarzenberg.

Now the destiny of the treaty is in the hands of Czech parliament. It has to be ratified by Czech MPs before the end of the year, and nobody knows what the outcome will be.

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