Czech Republic and U.S. to discuss missile issue

The Czech government is set to start negotiations with the U.S. over its plans to deploy elements of a missile defence system on its territory. The new system will cost the U.S. nearly $US 550 MLN.

It is reported that a first round of talks will be held on May 10 in the Ministry of Defence, and could last a couple of months.

U.S. President Georges Bush is expected to press his case on a visit to Prague at the beginning of June.

Russia has repeatedly expressed its strong opposition to the plans to place the system close to its border in Eastern European countries, including interceptor missiles in Poland.

Meanwhile Georgian Foreign Minister Gela Bezhuashvili has said that the country is open for talks on hosting elements of the U.S. anti-missile defence system on its territory. He said if the U.S. ask, the Georgia will be ready to go into negotiations with them.